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Come inside, Manhattan Locksmith has been expecting you. Everyone needs a locksmith some time. Either you've locked yourself out or you've lost or broken your key. Perhaps someone is moving in with you and you need an extra key? Well, you've come to the right place. Manhattan Locksmith will take care of all your lock and key problems while being the souls of discretion. Our NYC locksmiths are professionally trained technicians who are capable of dealing with all matters relating to locks in Manhattan, NY.

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Our experienced Manhattan Locksmiths are guaranteed to get the job done fast and right. We treat all locks and keys with great care, no damage, scratches or harm to the lock mechanisms and cylinders. If you need to replace your lock our Locksmith Manhattan will get the job done in no time and advise you on the best security lock that's right for your New York City door.
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We've been in the business a long time and no matter how old or how new your locking system is, we can handle it. We also deal with electronic number pads and in the very latest Biometrix systems where it takes your thumbprint to operate the lock and open the door. If your door is openable, Manhattan Locksmith will open it.

Locked out of your car, sir? The keys dropped down a storm water grating? A 1934 Model T? Yes sir, we can open it! If it's the latest model Ferrari with an electronic mobilizer with automatic engine cut-out and is operated by the fingerprint of your right index finger, we will open the door and start your car.

Our Manhattan, New York City Locksmiths are on call 24/7 hours and that includes weekends and holidays. Leave everything to us and we'll open that door. Call us at 212-655-4413 for 24 Hr Manhattan Emergency Locksmith services.

If you are locked out in NYC, spare the embarrassment of being caught by the cops trying to bust down your own door. If you are near one of our branches, come in, sit down and have a cup of coffee or read a paper while we attend to your door.

Look for us in the Yellow Pages - Manhattan Locksmith is sure to operate somewhere near you.

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