Manhattan Residential Locksmith or Commercial Services?

Many businesses ask us about Manhattan Residential Locksmith and commercial locksmith services, debating which service is right for their business. The answer depends largely on the type of your business premises.

Manhattan Residential Locksmith explained:

Manhattan Residential Locksmiths provide lock out services which include: lock picking, replacement of locks and duplication of keys amongst many other services. Chiefly, such services are granted for small sized premises from apartments to townhouses, brick stone homes, prewar houses and family homes. It's important to remember that the size of your property may be very large in scale and still Manhattan Residential Locksmiths will be the ones attending to your needs. This is because private residential properties usually require the same array of door locks, keys and automated security systems.

Business Commercial Locksmith Service:

The nature of your business entails the use of commercial locksmith services. This means that if your premises, for instance, are cubicle based with coded lock doors separating main offices then you're probably in the right place. Commercial locksmith services are usually called for in large open spaced offices with perimeter closed rooms. Additional examples which call for our commercial services are: industrial warehouses, meat packing freezer rooms, electricity facilities, storage warehouses, computer server farms and security compounds.

The difference:

Residential locksmith services as commercial locksmith services serve as an answer to the job at hand. Both give a reliable solution to the type of security demanded by the owner.

Because industrial facilities and large offices demand certain types of security commercial locksmith services have devised the right solution to their needs, coming prepared with the right equipment.

Because private and some small business offices have certain common lock and key requirements our residential locksmiths have come up with the right solutions to suit their needs.

Each security demand calls for different locks, keys, biometric locks, electronic seals and a plethora of different locksmith equipment and that's the main difference between Manhattan residential locksmith and commercial services.

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